Right in the heart of a bustling city, this was a total rebuild and extension that made use of every single inch available. The ground floor of the house had to be completely gutted to access the rear yard and the rear yard was redesigned to incorporate an office, laundry room and new kitchen. This build tested our working relationship to the hilt, as the schedule was as tight as the work space.

The owners knew exactly what they wanted in terms of space and style, which made our job an easy one. We were able to offer timber instead of steel, space saving options on custom made stairs and cabinets as well as redesigning furniture to fit the form and function of the rooms. The owners’ plans for light and space made this city centre house into a bright and airy home.

We ran into a few problems with undocumented underground pipes and services in this build. Also we were unsure if connecting our new systems into the existing system was such a good idea. Both the owners and ourselves reached common consent, relay, redirect and reconnect to the council system while the back was still open. It really was a case of better safe than sorry.