William Casey started in the construction industry four decades ago when he took over his father’s local plumbing business at the age of sixteen. Soon after gaining his plumbing qualifications he expanded into central heating and pressurized water systems. It wasn’t long before he was the “go to” expert in his field and the business grew far beyond the county boundaries.

His love of learning and heartfelt belief that experience is the greatest teacher meant that he was never going to sit on his laurels and admire his work. He soon ventured into construction via renovation of his own house and selling onwards. This was a continuous learning process that took him to a green field site and a new build. The first house designed and built by William Casey.

With a string of renovations and a new build behind him, it wasn’t long before people came knocking to have that level of quality and finish in their own homes. Word of mouth spread about the innovation and communication available throughout the build process and the Turnkey journey began.

Derek Binchy is the sums guy and the same attention to detail lies in the figures. He studied a BComm at UCG and had a wealth of experience in finance before teaming up with William two decades ago. At Turnkey every penny is accounted for and we have a policy of “Clarity of purpose, transparency of action”.

The rest of the team are a collection of master craftsmen and women who have been with us for years, some have come through our apprenticeship programme and others have been drafted in for their exceptional skill level. Every single one of them is with us because of their ability and their understanding of the needs of our customers.