We worked with specialists in every field to get the desired result on this project. The owners had all but the finished product in mind before we began restoration work, which made this a beautiful project to be involved with. We incorporated the 200 years of history embedded in the building and married it to the interior designers colours to produce the owners dream house.

We began in the bathroom in the west wing and moved on a room by room progression. Each room totally refurbished with inspiration taken from its origins. The floors and walls were reformed to remove leaks, dampness and to hide services. The elegant cornicing was replaced and reformed, windows were remade as exact replicas, using the original restored hinges and locks.

The stone work outside was restored by our master craftsmen, which carried on into the garden. Particular care was taken to recreate the window sills, in keeping with the building while preventing ingress. The fish pond was renovated with a modern take on old flora filtration system. Paving was sourced and laid as continuation of flow of the main building to the garden.