The 2016 apartment was a “pet” project for us. We bought the apartment to renovate and sell, but we fell in love with it and decided to keep it. It is now our very own show house. One that you are welcome to visit and have a detailed look at the quality of workmanship throughout.

The apartment itself was very dated when we bought it. Also the layout was not suitable for purpose. With space being at such a premium, we relocated the stairs and expanded the kitchen on the ground floor. The first floor was totally renovated, with a new layout and design of the master bathroom, making beautiful but efficient use of limited space. Finally we extended the floor across the second floor to double the space available in the spare room. The challenge throughout this build was to increase the efficiency of the space available while building in value and character. For the record, had we sold it, it would have represented a 29% return on investment over 3 months.

We host regular coffee morning here in aid of the Marymount Hospice, so please do not hesitate to give Will a call on 087-2588905 to find out when the next one is on. Enjoy a coffee while having a peak around our work and it’s all in aid of a very good cause.