The spec for this conversion was pretty straight forward. Turn a boring concrete shell into a funky functional retail unit. The owner knew what he wanted, down to colour of the floor. We did something similar with his old shop, so it was relatively simple to finish the store exactly as he wanted it. It was a tight schedule that finished a few days ahead of schedule, so we all baled in and help him relocate.

The build itself was basic and the fit out was a case of offering everything up for the owners approval. Knowledge of the client meant that this was a speedy affair. Integration of the fire safety systems and the electrical systems with the 4G building overhead, brought our level of interactive system designs to a whole new level and upped our game to the highest level.

The store itself was smack bang in the middle of the city centre, with four floors of fully occupied office space above us. It meant that we had to work our schedule around theirs in order to reduce disruption. It also meant stringent compliance with fire and safety codes along with legal requirements such as disabled access and council inspections to ensure a smooth hand over. We play well with others.